Whether you're short of breath, coughing, wheezing or have chest pain, I am well placed to help you. I take a holistic view and begin with a comprehensive assessment of your case with you in clinic. This will involve taking a detailed medical history, performing a full physical examination of your chest, plus measurements of your oxygen level and breathing tests as appropriate. If you have any previous reports or X-rays/scans then these can be reviewed at the same time (please bring them with you).


At this initial consultation I will discuss with you the likely possibilities and agree with you any further tests required. If treatment is required at this time then I can prescribe this for you at the same time. Following this first consultation, I will send you a detailed report within 24-48 hours, which can be copied to your GP and/or referring specialist.


Should you require any tests, these can mostly be performed on the same day e.g. blood tests, sputum testing and X-rays. CT scans can usually be done on the same day or, failing that, the following day. If you need referral to another specialist, I have an extensive network of trusted colleagues to call upon to help you.

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