Professor Howard Branley MBChB MSc MD FCCP FRCP FRAeS Consultant in Respiratory Medicine 020 3773 5399
Professor Howard BranleyMBChB MSc MD FCCP FRCP FRAeSConsultant in Respiratory Medicine 020 3773 5399



I updated my training at an Expert Witness Masterclass in March 2015 at the BPP Law School, London.


Day 1                                                                                                                                   

Understanding civil procedure rules governing expert witnesses

Understanding the case-law governing expert witness liability for negligence

Understanding data protection and confidentiality as related to expert witnesses

How to structure an expert report

Report practical

How the contents of the report should assist the court


Day 2                                                                                                                                   

Understanding courtroom procedure

How to prepare for a court room appearance

Practical cross-examination (3 sessions)

How to spot and cope with common cross-examination pitfalls





I underwent extensive training as an Expert Witness as part of the Cardiff University/Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificate program, passing all constituent elements at the first attempt.


Cardiff University Law School/Bond Solon Expert Witness (CUBS) Program,

(Candidate No: 3531495)


Excellence in Report Writing                                             13/12/06

Courtroom Skills                                                                14/12/06

Cross examination day (passed video assessment)            10/01/07

Law and Procedure Module 1                                            14/05/07

Law and Procedure Module 2                                            15/05/07

Report Writing Assessment                                                12/06/09




I have attended medicolegal conferences as both a delegate and as an invited lecturer.


  • Respiratory Medicine - Medicolegal Pitfalls 21/09/17, AvMA Conference, Bristol


  • Essential Medicine for Lawyers 27/04/16, AvMA Conference London (Invited speaker)


  • Respiratory Medicine for Lawyers 14/10/09, AvMA Conference London (Invited speaker)


* topics included: asthma; pneumonia; pneumothorax; PE (pulmonary embolism); TB (tuberculosis); lung cancer; alcohol, breathalysers and lung capacity; and OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea).


  • Getting started as a medical expert 25/01/06, Action Against Medical Accidents (AVMA), London


  • Asbestos & Mesothelioma Conference 18/05/05, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, London


Medicolegal Details


  • Type of work undertaken: medical negligence / personal injury /occupational.
  • 30-40 reports written per annum, predominantly plaintiff.
  • Turnaround times: 4-6 weeks following receipt of all notes/X-rays etc. If client needs to be seen then usually seen within 1-2 weeks.
  • Single Joint Expert trained.
  • Terms & Conditions (please see below)
  • Medicolegal CV (please see below)


CV MedicoLegal January 2018.pdf
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Medicolegal Instruction T+Cs January 201[...]
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All medicolegal enquiries to please.

Contact Details

Professor Howard Branley

Wellington Hospital

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020 3773 5399



020 8711 5360




Consultation times


am - HJE, NW8

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eve - HCA Chiswick, W4



am - HCA Chiswick, W4



am - Wellington Hospital, NW8

pm - HCA Chiswick, W4



pm - HCA Chiswick, W4



am - HJE, NW8

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eve - HCA Chiswick, W4




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